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10886 Crabapple Road, Suite 400-A, Roswell, Georgia, 30075

We are located inside the Crabapple West Office Park on the corner of West Crossville Road and Crabapple Road.

We are on the 2nd floor.  If you are unable to walk up the stairs please let our office know and we will make alternate arrangements for your visit.


Tuesday/Thursday: 12-8 & Saturday: 10-4


T: (770) 630-8057

At our office we have open adjusting hours which means that you don't need to make appointments on a regular basis. There's no more stress about arriving a few minutes late.   We are happy to serve you at any time during our office hours.  

If you are a brand new client please call or text ahead of time to let us know to expect you.  Feel free to print and fill out the 'vital information questionnaire' for an adult or child and bring it with you.  

Click one of the links below:

Adult Questionnaire

Child Questionnaire