A Day in the Life of Your Child!


Are you a parent?  Do you know a parent?
Did you know that Chiropractic Care can help your child deal with their everyday life?


Kids are wonderful, creative, beautiful and a source of what sometimes seems like never ending energy.

If you have kids some of this might sound familiar to you.  What does your kid go through in an average day, and how can Chiropractic help you and your child? 

Imagine it’s a Friday, after an already long week.  One day left until the weekend…

A Day in the Life of Your Child

It’s very early, still hours before the alarm will go off.  Everyone is fast asleep until your 5 year old wakes up 2 hours earlier than he needed to-sorry mom-no sleeping in for you.  Once he’s up he proceeds to wake up the whole house.  If the sun is up-so is he and if he’s up so are you!
        Did you know that Chiropractic Care can help both you and your child sleep better?  By activating the parasympathetic nervous system your body is better able to relax and sleep can become much easier and more peaceful.

You’re at the breakfast table doing your best to feed your kids a nutritious breakfast before school.  Your little sweetie is trying his best to eat something sugary.  If he can’t wear you down with constant asking, maybe he can sneak it while you’re distracted with a phone call.
        Did you know that research has shown that Chiropractic Care can help you achieve a healthier lifestyle, and help you make healthier choices regarding your food and exercise?  In a study published in 2004, Chiropractic care was shown to produce, self reported increase in positive health behavior and thus an overall improvement in the health of those under care.

You’re racing to get him into his shoes, and out the door to catch the bus.  Wow, they grow up so fast.  Kindergarten already.  While waiting on the bus he climbs a tree.  It’s just right there-hard to resist.  And he falls.  Ouch!
        After a trauma it’s important to get your child’s spine checked.  While kids are designed to survive many bumps, falls and bruises, falling from a tree or other place can still be a shock to their system that leads to subluxation.  Chiropractic Care ensures that your child maintains proper alignment and nervous system function that may prevent physical trauma’s from manifesting as more serious problems later in life.

Unless you’re a teacher, I guess no one ever knows exactly what happens at school…somewhere in the day though there’s hopefully a good chunk of learning that takes place.

        Did you know that many parents report that their child’s ability to concentrate improves after a Chiropractic Adjustment?  With a clear nervous system (brain and spinal cord) your child has the best chance for mental clarity, reason and learning.

After school he goes to a friends house and jumps on the trampoline.  What Fun!  When he comes home he invents a new game- jump as high as you can and land on your bottom!  It wouldn’t be much of a game unless he recruits his sister to play with him.  Double ouch!

        Physical trauma, even everyday trauma or micro trauma, can lead to the creation of subluxation, misalignment or other stress to the nervous system or skeleton.  Chiropractors are trained at removing subluxation, and address the skeleton and nervous system. 

After eating a lovely dinner with minimal argument over eating vegetables,  he takes a bath.  The bathroom floor and mom get soaked.  It’s all in a days work.  After climbing into bed, he’s worried he might wet the bed again.  This produces additional anxiety. 

        Did you know that Chiropractic Care has been shown to help some children recover from enuresis or bed wetting? By addressing the nerves in the sacral plexus, which are responsible for bladder control, Chiropractic may be able to help your child stay dry at night.  And, with the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system, your child may also experience less stress and anxiety.

Mom and Dad are ready for bed, phew!  It’s been a long and wonderful day.  Oh wait, what’s that noise?  He’s up again.  He needs water.  Back to bed.  He’s up again.  There might be a monster under his bed. 

Finally everyone is asleep!  Get ready for tomorrow.  What will your child’s day be like tomorrow? 

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