Introduction to Your Cranium and Why it's Important!

Your cranium consists of 22 bones-8 of these are in your skull and the other 14 make up your face.


As babies these bones are more pliable and there are gaps between the skull bones, called fontanelles.  This pliability of the head is what allows babies to move through the birth canal.


The process of being born is a significant moment in a person’s life, and it is a strenuous process for both mother and baby.  It is easy to see why having your new babies cranial bones assessed after birth is critical for their optimal health and wellbeing.


Children aren’t the only ones though that can benefit from having the cranium assessed.  Adults are also sometimes in need of having their cranial bones assessed and adjusted.  Some types of dental work may stress the cranial and facial bones, particularly the jaw. 


Cranial work is done very softly and gently, while allowing for proper positioning of the bones as well as movement of the CSF (Cranial Sacral Fluid) which allows for better nourishment of the brain.


If you grind your teeth, have jaw pain, headaches, ringing in the ears, earaches and/or ear infections you may want to have your cranium assessed.  


Stop by today and discover for yourself how cranial work will benefit your life!