5 Tips for a Healthier and Happier Back to School!

Happy Back to School! 


These are my best tips for a happier and healthier school year!  These simple ideas have gotten me through many, many years of post secondary education much easier and more successfully. 


For those of you, who like me, school doesn’t apply to you right now; keep reading, these are some great tips for work as well.


Tip 1: Get Adjusted!  Before you gloss this one over because you think-she’s a chiropractor so of course she’ll say that-let me tell you why this is my number 1 tip.  Chiropractic care will help keep your spine moving thus preventing neck and upper back pain that can come from reading for hours at a time.  It will also increase your parasympathetic nervous system function! 

This means that you will be less stressed and will be able to concentrate and remember things better when you do study! 


Tip 2: Sleep!  Often we get so consumed with our studying and think that an all night’er is the way to get it all done.  While occasionally this may be necessary please remember that sleep is your friend.  You will be more focused after getting a decent night’s rest.  As an added bonus, the things you study right before bed will sink deeper into your short and long term memory while you sleep.  This means that sleep will help you remember what you read. 


Tip 3: Get up and Move Around!  Some research will say that the most effective way to study is to study for an hour and then take 20 minutes to stretch, move around, and do something else.  Now for myself, this system rarely worked, because 20 minutes never seemed long enough to do the other things I had planned for my spare time.  If you find a rhythm to your studying, go with it and when that rhythm pauses and you start re-reading the same sentence over and over, you know it’s time to give your mind a rest.  During this time, stretch, walk around and move your body.


Tip 4:  Drink Water!  This is a simple one that will keep your immune system functioning well all through the year.  The less time you spend feeling sub-par the more time you have for the important things in life.  While the human body is very resilient and can be pushed through a lot of stress doesn’t mean it has to be.  Do something kind for your body and have a glass of water.


Tip 5:  Be Ergonomic!  There’s a balance when it comes to studying, being uncomfortable enough that you don’t want to fall asleep, and comfortable enough you can actually sit in one place for more than 5 minutes.  When you set up your study area pay attention to your body posture and position.  Do you feel your shoulders coming up to meet your ears when you’re typing on your computer?  Is there a way you can bring your screen or books (does anyone still use these?!) up towards eye level so you aren’t straining your neck? 

Find some simple and affordable solutions to be ergonomic.  You’ll get more done and have less discomfort this way.



These are a few ideas to keep you happier and healthier this school year!!  Best of luck and remember to celebrate your accomplishments and find ways to love learning!  I look forward to seeing you soon!