Do You Suffer from Sleepless Nights?


Are you a new parent?  Do you know a new parent?

Do you, or someone you know, suffer from sleepless nights?

New parents have many challenges and getting a proper night’s sleep is high on the list of priorities.  When your kids can’t stay asleep, being rested might seem elusive.

While it is so wonderful to watch a sleeping baby, being kept up all night by a child who can’t sleep is much less pleasant.

Carly's Story

I have a Chiropractic client, let’s call her Carly.  She has a beautiful baby boy, Aiden.  He is a sensitive little boy.  The range of what he considered acceptable was very narrow.  He needed a perfectly dark room, specific toys in specific spots, and a certain amount of noise.  He preferred when his mom and dad stayed with him in his room.  He was very sensitive and needed a lot of attention in specific ways.  This made it extra challenging for his mom! 

While it’s normal in the first few months for babies to wake up every few hours, Aiden was still sleeping like a newborn at one and a half years old.  This made it very difficult for his mom, who was back at work on very little sleep.   It got to the point where Carly couldn’t even sleep when Aiden was sleeping because she’d become so stressed.  Her nervous system had become hyper sensitive, much like her son’s, and as a result they both got cold’s and flu’s often and had trouble recovering from them.
Under Chiropractic Care, Carly became better able to relax.  She felt better, her aches and pains cleared up and her stress levels came down.  She started to be able to sleep better, and feel more rested in the morning.  I also noticed that she seemed happier, she laughed and smiled more and became more patient with her son.  
Aiden was also under care.  When we started care, he wouldn’t lie down on the table and he didn’t much like being touched.  It seemed to annoy him and he would swat at my hand or give me funny baby glares.  I would chase him around until we had completed the adjustment.  After some time though, he learned to love it, and as he started talking he would ask his mom to take him for an adjustment.  He was able to calm down and relax after he had an adjustment and usually those nights when he went home he would sleep through the night. 

Why was Chiropractic able to help Carly and Aiden to sleep better?  It has to do with part of the nervous system called the parasympathetic nervous system.  This part of our nervous system increases our ability to relax and eases our stress response or anxiety.  

In order to sleep we need our parasympathetic nervous system to be working properly.  Chiropractic care focuses on helping this part of the nervous system work optimally.
You might ask; will I get the same results from Chiropractic Care as Carly did?  The answer is, I don’t know.  Each person gets slightly different results from Chiropractic Care, and it will depend on you and your body.  
What I do know is that under care you and your child will be healthier!  When your spine is aligned and your nervous system is functioning properly you have greater potential to create health!  I invite you to come and discover how Chiropractic may be able to help you and your family be healthy.  
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Until next week,
ps — While you might not be a new parent, if you suffer from sleepless nights, let’s have a conversation.  And if you know someone with a sensitive child, please share this message with them!