Pause! Take a Deep Breath!


Are you a busy mom?  Do you know a busy mom?

Do you, or someone you know experience pain while taking a deep breath?

Do you hold your breath when you're stressed?  How deep are each of your breath's?  Be honest with yourself.  Pause and pay attention to your breathing.  Is your breath deep or shallow?  Do you feel tension or discomfort somewhere in your body?  Do you feel emotions of stress or panic?

Did you know that Chiropractic care can help you breathe deeper, and experience greater ease and comfort during breath? 

Julie's Story

I have a client, her name is Julie, and when she first came to see me she was really struggling.  She had a lot of anxiety and pain all over her body. Her breathing had become so shallow that over time it started to hurt her ribs and back each time she took a deep breath.  She was emotionally distraught and was experiencing so much rib and back pain it was making her life difficult.  To add to it, her pain was made worse picking up her kids. 
During her first visit, while on the table, she began to have expansion of her rib cage and decreased discomfort during breath.  By her 2nd visit she seemed happier and came in smiling and laughing.  When she lay down on the table her body was beginning to move and expand with her breath, the way it should.

Under Chiropractic care, Julie experienced a decrease in pain and anxiety, and an increase in breath and vitality. She was able to achieve a new level of health that allowed her to take a deep breath, and pick up her kids.  

Normal breathing will expand the ribcage forward, backward and to both sides.  Your breath will also expand your belly and rise up to the top of your lungs which is at the level of your clavicle (collar bone)!
Did you know that the body is designed to be well?  This means that pain is abnormal!  Breathing should be pain free.  Breath brings oxygen into the body and oxygen supplies energy and life force to all of your cells and tissues.  Your lungs are amazing and have a huge capacity to heal.  Research shows that the lungs of long term smokers will begin to heal immediately once the toxin (cigarettes) are removed.  This is great news for you whether you have a history of tobacco use or not.  Wherever you're at with the health and vitality of your lungs and breath right now, with commitment, you can begin to heal immediately!   

Breath is vital for life and health and should be comfortable.

Have you noticed that when you’re stressed, your breath becomes shallow?  Do you experience pain when taking a deep breath?  Do you suffer from stress and shallow breathing? 
Chiropractic can help you!  By addressing your spine, ribcage and nervous system, you gain the potential to breathe better!  I always incorporate breath into your Chiropractic session.  This benefits you by lowering your stress levels and vitalizing your body.  Each person responds a little different under care, so your experience may be similar or different from Julie's.  Whatever your experience is,  I believe that Chiropractic care can help you achieve health for yourself and your family.  Are you ready to discover the benefits in store for you?

Your ability to breathe is an indicator of how well you body is working and how much vitality you have within you to create health from!  

Pause again, and pay attention.  What are you noticing about your breath?

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Until next week,

p.s.  If you experience pain while taking a breath, stress or shallow breathing, let’s have a conversation.  And if you know a mom with a sensitive child, please share this with her!