Does Your Child Suffer From Frequent Ear Infections?


Are you a parent?  Do you know a parent?
Does your child struggle with frequent ear infections?


I love how long the summer season here in Roswell is!  While it has been a rainy summer, with a little luck we will still have plenty of warm and sunny pool days this fall. 

Dr. Andrea's Story

As a child I used to get multiple ear infections every summer.  The doctors called it swimmer’s ear, and every time my poor little ears got infected I’d be prevented from doing my favorite thing, swimming!  I remember my ears hurting and my mom being discouraged because she had to give me antibiotic eardrops or oral antibiotics each time this happened.
This went on for years.  I remember one year my ears got infected just before I went to summer camp for a week.  I was so embarrassed because I wasn’t able to pass the swim test that would have allowed me to go in the deeper portion of the lake.  I failed because I wasn't able to get water in my ears so I swam with my head above the water.  The whole camp found out that I was the only kid who tried and failed the swim test!  I was 12 years old and absolutely mortified.
Did you know that kids who receive Chiropractic Adjustments have fewer ear infections? 

By addressing their cranium and the bones and nerves at the top of your child's spine, their body is better able to heal itself from infection and the eustachian tube or ear canal starts to drain normally.  Often, ear infections are caused by pool or lake water getting caught inside the ear and because your kid’s ears are smaller, the water isn’t always able to drain out.  This allows bacteria to grow, and may cause infection.  Getting adjusted can help the ear drain properly.     
Under Chiropractic care you and your child will discover new and exciting levels of health!   I know that since I began care at 17 years old, I’ve been much healthier and happier.  When your spine is aligned and your nervous system is functioning properly you have greater potential to create health!  I invite you to come and discover how Chiropractic may be able to help you and your family be healthy.  
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ps — While you might not be a parent, if you suffer from ear infections, let’s have a conversation.  And if you know someone with a sensitive child, please share this message with them!