How to Prevent 90% of Illness


Are you a parent?  Do you know a parent?
Would you like to know how to prevent 90-95% of chronic illness?


I had the amazing opportunity a few weeks ago to meet briefly and hear Dr. Deepok Chopra speak.  I want to share with you today some of what he said and talk about what it might mean for your life.

If you'd like to know what Dr. Chopra said about
-How to prevent 90-95% of chronic illness
-How to increase your happiness

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Happiness, Health & Chiropractic

90-95% of chronic illness is preventable.
This is a big statement, and this is what Dr. Deepok Chopra said in front of 200+ people.  So, let’s dig into it.
According to him there are 6 major areas of your health that you need to pay attention to and if you do – you may be able to prevent up to 90-95% of chronic illness.
So, what are they?

  1. Sleep =Get lots of good sleep

  2. Manage your stress

  3. Emotions = Take care of your emotional health

  4. Nourishment = Eat well

  5. Movement = Get you butt in gear (pilates, yoga, running, etc)

  6. Biologic Rhythms or Grounding = Get outside in nature

This got me thinking...
How can Chiropractic help you to create a positive impact in these 6 areas? 
The Chiropractic Adjustment helps to activate your parasympathetic nervous system.  This is the part of your nervous system that is responsible for keeping you calm, lowering your stress response and helping you sleep.  By being under Chiropractic Care you can have a direct impact on numbers 1 & 2!
In a research study done it was discovered that while under Chiropractic Care, participants began to make improved health choices across various aspects of their lives.  Some began to exercise more, some ate better quality foods and some quit smoking.  Some participants even reported having improved relationships with their family or friends.  So, it may be possible that there is an indirect relationship between Chiropractic and other healthy choices (numbers 3-6)
This is pretty awesome right?!
So, let’s move on the next part of Dr. Chopra’s presentation…
What do you desire from life?  Stability, money, success, family, fun, adventure, health, connection? 
According to Dr. Chopra, what people want more than anything else is happiness.
What does happiness look like for you?  What’s included?  What does it feel like?  How do you achieve it?
There is apparently a well-known happiness formula which I hadn’t heard of before.  It breaks down the pieces that go into creating your happiness. 

Here it it!


Happiness = Attitude (50%) + Finances/Material Comfort (35%) + Voluntary Choice (Relationships, meaningful life & making others happy) (15%?)
I found this really interesting because my attitude about life makes up 50% of my happiness!
50% of your happiness according to this formula is directly related to your attitude.

This brought up several questions for me...
How are health and attitude related?  Are they related?  Does your health and how well your body feels affect your attitude?
These are really great questions that you’ll have to ask yourself.
For some people their health is absolutely a huge contributor to their overall attitude. 
When you feel good and your body is working the very best it can you may have a better attitude about life in general.  If this sounds like you your health and the quality of your spine and nervous system may play a large role in your overall happiness!

What can Chiropractic do for you?
-Reduce Stress
-Improve your quality of sleep
-Decrease pain and discomfort
-Ease your pregnancy and delivery
-Help your infant with colic
-Decrease your child’s ear infection (swimmer’s ear)
-Improve your immune function
You might ask; what results can I expect from Chiropractic Care?  The answer is, I don’t know.  Each person gets slightly different results from Chiropractic Care, and it will depend on you and your body.  
What I do know is that under care you and your child will be healthier!  When your spine is aligned and your nervous system is functioning properly you have greater potential to create health!  I invite you to come and discover how Chiropractic may be able to help you and your family be healthy.  
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Until next time,
ps — While you might not be a parent, if you're interested in increasing health and happiness in your life, let’s have a conversation.  And if you know someone with a sensitive child, please share this message with them!