Carrie & Gavin's Story Story

"Andrea is the best chiropractor I have ever had! She is always my first choice for myself, and my family. She treated me through my last pregnancy and kept me feeling good the whole time.  I fully trust her with the care of my children who she has adjusted since they were newborns. She has a caring and gentle approach that puts the patient at ease and creates a very beneficial adjustment. I always recommend her to my closest friends and family. She has a God given gift for diagnosing and treating patients with a gentle touch that leads to the body being able to heal itself."   --Carrie

Carrie's son Gavin had a few words to say as well:

"I love being adjusted by Dr. Andrea, she uses a cool clicker to move my bones into place and even bought me a clicker too so I can be just like her! I always feel better after she adjusts me. "           --Gavin - 5 years old