Lindsey's Story

Dr. Andrea has worked wonders for myself, my family and several of my friends. I had struggled for years from shoulder pain I experienced during Mason's birth, as well as shoulder and wrist issues from having a desk job. After a few visits & weeks went by, I realized that I couldn't remember the last time I had noticed the discomfort that used to be constant. That for me was life-changing! 

And while the idea of a brittle boned baby seeing a chiropractor may seem a little crazy, her style is so gentle that we even trust Lucas in her hands! We take him to see her after every break for some gentle-touch spinal re-alignment to help prevent scoliosis (which is very common for OI kids). 

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Carrie & Gavin's Story Story

Andrea is the best chiropractor I have ever had! She is always my first choice for myself, and my family. She treated me through my last pregnancy and kept me feeling good the whole time

"I love being adjusted by Dr. Andrea, she uses a cool clicker to move my bones into place and even bought me a clicker too so I can be just like her! I always feel better after she adjusts me. "           --Gavin - 5 years old

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